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1999 D.A.R.E. Essays

the 5th Grade

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by Alex A.

I think that D.A.R.E. is my favorite class in school. It is fun because we get to act, do activities, and play some games. We also get to watch videotapes telling us not to do drugs.

We have learned 8 different ways to say no to drugs, drinks, and/or violence. It is important to stay away from drugs, drinks, and/or violence because people have a better chance of dying if they do. You may not know it, but you are dying very slowly. You will not make much money because you will not get a good job. The more you do drugs, the fewer friends you will have.

by Kai

I think D.A.R.E can help many young people learn about how extremely important it is to stay drug free. D.A.R.E is also fun. It’s not just a program that talks about drugs or violence. In class we have a D.A.R.E box where we put personal questions or funny comments about what we did on the weekend. Mr. Greenburg is wonderful D.A.R.E teacher.

Sometimes in order to learn what some of the important words are in D.A.R.E, we use a D.A.R.E. workbook. We also learn about situations that children run into at school or parties. These problems are hard to deal with, especially if it deals with friendship. It's hard to stand up for yourself when a friend offers you a drug.

D.A.R.E is wonderful program. Why do you think it is important it is important that people don't smoke? Because it is very un-healthy and you could get lung cancer. Some people are invited to a party and if someone offers them a drug , then they feel that they have to take it because if they don't, they think they won't be cool. It's a hard situation to deal with but all you have to do is say NO. It is very important to stay drug free because you lose your friends and you get addicted to drugs.

I hope you enjoy D.A.R.E.

What D.A.R.E. Means to Me
by Brittany B.

I think that the D.A.R.E. program is fun and important. It teaches you a lot of things, and tells you the eight ways to say no, and how easy it is to say no. Two of the eight ways to say no are, Giving a Reason or Excuse or Changing the Subject. I have learned that it is very important to stay drug- free, because you will probably live a longer and a happier life. In D.A.R.E. we got to do little skits, watch movies and ask questions of the role- models about life. I am sorry that people take drugs, but I know that I will be another person who doesn't.

by Alexandra

D.A.R.E. is a very educational program. It teaches you how to stay away from drugs and violence. We learned a lot of stuff. We had a great time. Darren was really awesome even though I never got to hold him. What made the D.A.R.E. program even better was that Mr. Greenberg was really interested in it. He really tried to help us learn more.

I’ve learned a lot in D.A.R.E. I learned the eight ways to say no to drugs.

Saying "No Thanks"
Giving a Reason of Excuse
Repeated Refusal, of Keep Saying No
Walking Away
Changing the Subject
Avoiding the Situation
Cold shoulder
Strength in Numbers

I think that repeated refusal works best because the person will get the point that you don't want to take the drugs. We also learned a lot of things that we could do to keep ourselves busy instead of doing other bad things. It can also keep your self-esteem high. If you don’t really do a lot of sports and activities then you just won’t feel good about yourself as much as you would if you did do a lot of things. We had some kids in high school come to visit us. We asked them a lot of questions.

I really feel that the D.A.R.E. program is important. It teaches you to respect others, not to use drugs, and how to make you feel good about yourself. I hope that all the coming 4th graders will have as great a time as we did. It was really great.

D.A.R.E. Essay
by Kristen

These past few months every Thursday, Officer Greenburg has been coming in to teach us about D.A.R.E. I have learned so much these past months. I have learned about self-esteem and the different kinds of pressure. I have also learned the consequences of taking drugs, and how bad they are. The eight ways to say no to drugs, and the dangerous risks that people take everyday were also something I have learned.

I think it is important to stay drug-free because you will have a happy fulfilled life. If you took drugs you would smell, have an attitude, ruin your-self and everybody around you.

I really had a great time in D.A.R.E. I hope that other children will get a chance to take D.A.R.E. It was fun and I know that all the graduates to come will agree with me. I enjoyed they little skits that we would put on. I also enjoyed the funny questions in the D.A.R.E box. Now that I know all the consequences, I will keep all of you as witnesses when I say, I promise to stay Drug Free!

Dare Essay
by Oliver

I like the DARE program because I like the role-playing. I played the nice guy. Officer Greenberg played the bad guy. He tried to sell drugs to me and I said: "NO!" Some of the examples used to say no were; the cold shoulder, no thanks, and walking away. We also learned that violence is not a solution to disagreements. Fighting does not solve a problem. If we have a problem we should tell a grown-up.

In DARE we learned that if we do drugs they can mess up your life. Drugs can fry your brain and you get to the point where you don't care about school or your life. Our lives are too important to let drugs ruin it.

by Anthony

I think Dare is a great program because it teaches kids to say no to drugs. In the Dare program I have learned all the different ways to say no to drugs like the broken record. The broken record is to repeatedly say no, I have to go home or no way.

In January we had role models from other schools come to our room to answer all different kinds of questions. I think Dare should be taught to kids younger than the fifth grade because they have problems where they want to do drugs.

I think it is important to stay drug free because if you do drugs you'll be killing yourself little by little. I think it is important to avoid violence because if you stay away from violence you won`t get into trouble and not get arrested. Dare has changed the way I think of drugs. From now on Ill be more cautious of what I do.

by Nicole

I think the DARE program is a good program because it teaches kids not to use drugs and why. We also learned 8 different ways to say no to drugs and violence. Darien the dare lion is to remind us of different things that make us happy. I would like to thank Mr. Greenburg for teaching us and all the little presents that we get if were good in class. I think it is important to stay Drug free because you are just throwing your life away when you take drugs. Kids who do take drugs are just wasting there time when they could be doing something for there school or playing a sport or helping out at home doing something for there parents. But if you take drugs you don’t have time for that you are just spending time withyour friends doing drugs when you can be doing something good for you.

by Erin

As the 1998-1999 D.A.R.E. session for 5th grade is coming to an end, I can only say that it has been a wonderful year of fun and learning for all of us. I think the D.A.R.E. program is an excellent way to allow kids to understand how dangerous it is to take drugs and act violently. I hope all of us graduates at today's graduation will be smart and not do drugs, and that we can learn to teach others who don't participate in D.A.R.E.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the D.A.R.E program for making it possible to have our lessons every Thursday, 7th period. I would like to especially thank Officer Greenburg for dedicating his time to our class because I know that I really have appreciated it.

I have learned all about drugs and why not to do them. Drugs are a stupid, unsafe and uncool way to do damage to your body. I can not understand why anyone would want do such a thing. I have learned about self-esteem and how it can effect you. You should always have high self esteem (feeling good about yourself) wherever you are. Your self esteem should only decrease when something wrong occurs to make you feel less important.

I hope I can put all of what I have learned to use and not take drugs. I am looking forward to another funfilling educational experience in store for next year.

What D.A.R.E. Means To Me
by Stephanie

I feel the D.A.R.E program is very important, and helpful. This program is also a lot of fun. All the things we have done taught us what to say, what to do, and what things we should avoid throughout our life. We learn them in a fun way, like doing small skits. We all know a whole new bunch of very important vocabulary that we will need to know later in life.

Some things I learned that can help me stay drug-free and avoid violence are the eight ways to say no, and how to deal with all the pressure I get, without having to do drugs. I have learned how to work out conflicts instead of violence. I can also avoid violence by avoiding the situation in the first place. I know now that when you smoke it affects your lungs, which will shorten your life. I have also learned many other things too.

I think it is important to be drug-free because your life could really get messed up. Also the addiction can really ruin your life. You probaly wouldn't look the same either. It is also important to avoid violence because you could one day end up in prison. It would also be very hard to get into a good college, or job with those kind of records. So that is why I think it is important to be drug-free and avoid violence.

D.A.R.E.   Essay
by Richie

I love the D.A.R.E program because its fun and its educational. I have learned a lot of things that will help me in not doing drugs. Officer Greenberg is very nice and funny, plus he makes the lessons fun. The video we watched was neat and it was funny too. I like the stories in the D.A.R.E. book. A lot of the time I go ahead and read them before the class does. The D.A.R.E. program is a good idea and I hope other kids, like me, get the same education that I did. I really like to hold Darren when we raffle him.

I have learned that things like marijuana and alcohol are bad for you and can get you sick. Officer Greenberg makes every thing very clear to me. Now I will never take anything even related to drugs. I know all about how people have to have more of a drug to make them feel happy, when they get addicted to it. I have learned 8 ways to say no,

Saying "No Thanks"
Giving A Reason Or Excuse
Repeated Refusal, Or Keep Saying No
Walking Away
Changing the Subject
Avoiding The Situation
Cold Shoulder
Strength In Numbers

I think staying drug-free and staying non-violent will help me to get jobs and be successful when I grow up. Lots of people that do drugs and drink too much might have had a better life.

D.A.R.E. Essay
by Jackson

For most of the D.A.R.E. program I wasn't here but I think it is a good idea and it's lots of fun. Our officer is a good teacher, really nice and funny. We do interesting projects in D.A.R.E., like learn vocabulary words and what to do in a drug or violence related situation. We also do the D.A.R.E. box. The D.A.R.E. box is a box where we put questions we have about drugs.

In the D.A.R.E. program I learned how to stay drug-free and avoid violence. I also learned about different kinds of drugs, what drugs can do to you and ways to say no to drugs.

I think it is very important to stay drug and violence free because they both can seriously hurt your body and your mind. They can also affect your family and friends by embarrassing them and pressure them to do drugs or be violent.

D.A.R.E. Essay
by Danny

I like D.A.R.E. because its fun and you learn a lot about drugs and alcohol, and what they can do to you. Kids would love to do the acts we do when he asks us to have a role-play because he wants us to learn how it fells to be offered drugs. There are 8 ways to say and they are:

Saying ''no Thanks''
Give a reason or Excuse
Keep Repeating Refusal, or keep saying No
Walk Away
Changing the subject
Avoiding situation
Cold Shoulder
Strength in Numbers

I think if you stay off drugs you will have a great healthy life and you will have a better chance at getting a job and being successful. If you don’t get into fights and don’t be violent. You probably not get in to much trouble. So do everyone in your family a big favor and stay away from drugs.

by Nathan

I think DARE is a good program because it helps you know what to say and what to do when you need to. If you don’t know what I mean, here is an example. If you were with a friend and you should not be going to that place or area, the only thing to do is to make up an excuse. You could say some thing like I have to go to football practice. Or you can even say something like I am hungry. Sometimes you could just say no, to drugs or to anything like that.

DARE is a very good program because it made me realize that I can do better. I like DARE because it is fun.

by Ryan

Drugs and violence are two of the most lethal habits you can get addicted to. I think that a lot of people that take D. A.R.E have a better chance of turning down drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. D.A.R.E taught me that I'm going to go through a lot of things in my life that will hurt me, but in D.A.R.E Mr. Greenburg teaches us to avoid all those dangers. I feel that D.A.R.E is a great class to take because its fun and you don't even know your learning.

Before I took D.A.R.E I felt that drugs were cool, but of course I was wrong. After D.A.R.E class, I was taught that drugs could injure you and cause lung cancer. The 8 ways to say NO really helped me learn many different ways to ignore people that try to offer drugs to me. My favorite way to say NO is to walk away. Remember taking drugs is a dangerous risk.

I think that it is good to stay drug-free because you will stay healthy and you will live longer. Being drug-free will keep you out of trouble and if you're going to college more colleges will accept you. It's good to stay violence-free because you will stay out of gangs and get a good job, like a doctor or dentist. Mr. Greenburg really teaches you to avoid drugs and violence and to live a good life. Drugs will really transform and mess up the way you live.

Dare Essay
by Emily

DARE was a good experience for my classmates and I. We learned important things that would guide us through life. I thought the sixteen weeks would be longer and I will miss them.

I feel that DARE is a good program for kids, to show them that life will not be too easy if you make the wrong choice. DARE will help many kids all over not do drugs, and tell them not to hang out with people who take drugs. Drugs can hurt your body and brain. They can also change your appearance and the way you act with people. Drugs can also make you do badly in school.

Officer Greenberg also taught us the ways to say NO. We had plays and kids did a great job saying NO. They said no with out a care, like it was easy, but in real life you would probably get a little nervous. Here are some of the ways to say NO,

Saying no thanks,
Giving a reason or excuse,
Repeated refusal or keep saying NO,
Walking away,
Changing the subject,
Avoiding the situation,
Cold shoulder and
Strength in numbers.

I think it is important to be drug free because drugs screw you up and most importantly, if you take drugs none of your dreams will ever come true. I hope that kids make the right choice and don't do DRUGS!

By Veronica

The D.A.R.E. program has taught me about peer and media pressure, and other things that make kids want to do drugs, smoke, or drink. Some kids think that drugs will make them pretty or popular. It's exactly the opposite. Drugs hurt your mind and body. They make you do sick things. Smoking and alcohol aren't much better either. Smoking makes your lungs black and your teeth brown. Being an alcoholic is only for nut-jobs.

I have learned how important it is to stay drug-free. Some people never had the opportunity to learn all of these useful things that we have learned these few months. Before I joined the D.A.R.E. program, I thought I knew more than enough about having to stay drug free. On just the first day of D.A.R.E., I found that I barely knew enough to stay away from drugs. Some people may not know yet, but there are consequences to not resisting drugs and violence.

We learned so much in D.A.R.E. In just those 16 lessons we learned about all the types of peer pressure, and the ways to say no. I think drugs are sort of like brain parasites. They take you prisoner in them and absorb your brain. After you know about all the horrible things drugs and violence really are, you can never even think about getting yourself or others involved in them. In closing, I would like to say thank you to Detective Greenburg for all that he's done for us.

DARE Essay
by Carmen

I feel that the DARE program is a good class. This class taught me a lot of things I never knew about. I learned that all drugs are bad for you and that the medicine that you buy in a store is still a drug if you don't use it in the right way.

The DARE class is also very fun. You get to act out roles when we learn new words so you understand them much better. We have a mascot named Darren, he makes us think of funny and good things to say. I learned that there were eight ways to say no to drugs and to other mean things.

Also in the middle of the session there are DARE graduates that come to the class. They talk about things that you will have to get ready for when you go to high school, also other questions you will want to ask them or want to know.

D.A.R.E. Essay
by Maggie

I liked the D.A.R.E. program and it was fun. It taught me how to say no to drugs. We got to do skits where we acted like we were in the situation. So then we would know what to do if we were in that situation for real. I liked Darren the lion, even though I never got to hold him. I feel that the D.A.R.E. program is good for kids because it helps you understand and to not have too much peer pressure. I hope the 4th graders next year will be as lucky as we were to have Officer Greenberg as our D.A.R.E. teacher.

We learned how to stay drug free by the eight ways of saying no. I think the cold shoulder is the one that works the best. We learned some new words like pressure, stress and drug abuse. When you get stressed out, you could take your mind off it by hanging out with your friends more. Your self-esteem can be high or low. When you do good things for yourself like staying away from drugs, your self-esteem is high.

Staying drug free is important because you can get a better education and you will be healthy. It is important not to do drugs because you can lose your friends. Drugs can put you behind in your schoolwork. Thanks to D.A.R.E., I know I will always be drug free!

by Ashley

D.A.R.E. was fun. It was fun because I got a chance to role-play and also I learned about drugs.

I can stay drug free because I don't smoke cigarettes, drink beer or smoke marijuana. I know this is good because drugs are not healthy for you.

I think it's also important to avoid violence. I never ever hit my friends, never yell at my family, and also never talk back to my teachers in school.

I really learned a lot about D.A.R.E for example; you don’t do bad things to anybody, tease anybody, and hurt anybody.

D.A.R.E. Essay
athan H.

I like D.A.R.E. a lot because not only do we get to miss a Social Studies lesson, but also we get to learn new ways to resist drugs and violence. I like how every Thursday, Officer Greenberg comes in and raffles off Darren. I also like how Officer Greenberg answers the questions from the D.A.R.E. box. He always tries to answer them in a funny way unless it is a serious question. When Officer Greenberg comes in he usually will start talking about the Jets and how they did in the previous game.

I’ve learned how important it is to stay drug free and how to avoid violence. I’ve learned the 8 ways to say no and what I can do for fun instead of taking drugs or causing problems. I’ve learned there are serious consequences for taking drugs and causing problems.

It is important to stay off drugs and to avoid violence because drugs and violence is a danger to your health. Drugs and violence can also cause permanent damage to you. Drugs and violence can cause a lot of stress and a lot of stress is bad for you. You shouldn’t do drugs, you shouldn’t cause violence and you shouldn’t encourage any one else to take drugs.

by Kailey

These are my thoughts about D.A.R.E and the things I have learned. During the short time I had D.A.R.E I learned many important facts about life and the things that might happen. D.A.R.E prepares you for drugs, acholol, pressure, ways to say no, but most importantly self-esteem.

Mr. Greenburg taught us that we can't do anything or go anywhere in life if we don't have self-esteem or confidence, or if we don't believe in ourselves. For example, if a person approaches you and offers you drugs and you still have no self-esteem chances are you are going to take the drugs and then a week later you'll be the one offering drugs. That’s just ruining your plans for your life and your future. When you do drugs you're making a decision whether you want to have a future or not because drugs lead to damage of your internal organs or even DEATH. It's the same thing with alcohol. It ruins brain cells. It makes you do random things like take the car and drive while you're still drunk or say something you'll regret.

Sometimes people make wrong choices. This is why I'm writing this essay about D.A.R.E to tell what we learned. D.A.R.E warns you about the dangers of life and the events that might happen, I hope this essay helps the younger children, I know it helped me.

by Nicky

I think the DARE program is to tell you what happens when you don't avoid drugs and violence. People might ask me if I want to do drugs. If anyone did I would look them in the eye and say no in a stern voice not a weak shaky voice. My officer said to look them in the eye to make them frightened.

If you fell good about yourself you are not very likely to do drugs. If you say your not good and think you're not going anywere in life you might do drugs in the future, so stay drug-free.

My officer taught me what drugs, drug abuse, consequences, different types of pressure, self-esteem, assertiveness, stress, stressors, violence, media, risk, alternatives, youth gangs, and intimidate means.

If I didn’t participate in the dare program I might have done drugs in the future. Even though you didn’t participate in the dare program you can still stay drug-free.

by Gregory

The D.A.R.E. program is a fun and a drug free. I feel that the D.A.R.E. program is a good way to not be an alcoholic or to take drugs. It is a program to teach kids to stay away from drugs. I think that Mr. Greenburg is caring because he takes time off to teach us about drug and violence. I think that ever kid in this school should take D.E.A.R. at a young age.The 8 D.E.A.R. rule

Are walking away, changing the subject, the cold shoulder, say no thanks, giving a reason or an excuse, repeat refusal or keep saying no, avoiding the situation, and strength in numbers. DA.R.E. is a good opportunity to stay drug free? When I grow up I am not going to drink alcohol or take drugs. If I am not drug free I will have low self- esteem. If you are drug free you could be a great example for other kids. When you turn down drugs you will fell good about yourself. If you take drugs you will get lung cancer. When I wasn’t in D.E.A.R. I use to think that drugs wasn’t a big deal. But now I now that drug are a big deal.

by Rao

I think DARE is a good program for kids or anyone so they can be drug-free and to learn other important things. DARE has taught me a lot of things and one was about violence. I learned about drug abuse, different kinds of pressures, stress, assertiveness, alternatives, self-esteem, and consequences. I know how to manage my time and respect other people and be positive. I should say no when someone asks me to take drugs or do something wrong and there are several different ways to say no. My favorite part is when we hold the stuffed lion named Daren. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. At the end of January, high school kids came and talked to us about high school how hard it is there. They also talked to us about drugs.

I personally think that DARE is a good idea because this program gives good ideas to stop people from taking drugs or getting involved in wrong things. If you use drugs, it won't solve anything, but it gets you in more trouble and your problems will get worse. Officer Greenberg comes to our class once in a week and teaches us important it is to be drug-free. He told us that it is easy to get addicted to drugs, but you can stop taking drugs and help someone else to be drug free.

What D.A.R.E. Means to Me
by Maureen

I think it is good to have D.A.R.E. because it is fun and it also teaches kids what to do and say when they are offered drugs. We learned the dangers of drugs, violence, drinking, and smoking. I learned a lot of things in D.A.R.E. Some things I learned were… 8 ways to say no to drugs which were…

1.Saying "No thanks" 2.Give a reason or excuse 3. Keep saying "no," 4, Walk away, 5, Chang the subject, 6. Avoiding the subject 7, Cold shoulder, and 8, Strength in numbers.

I also learned how to deal with it when your "friends" or peers offer you drugs or something else that might hurt yourself, other people or their property. Because people who force you to do something you know is wrong are NOT your friends! I learned about violence and what to do when you see people doing violent things like drawing graffiti or having a fight. I also learned what a lot of new words, for instance, Peer Pressure, Stress, Assertive, Media and some other words mean. I learned the dangers of Marijuana and what it means to get high. I really think D.A.R.E. is a really good thing to have because in the future maybe their will be less drug users and people who smoke.

by Gauri

I think D.A.R.E. is very important because it helps people learn how important it is to stay away from drugs and violence. D.A.R.E. teaches how to deal with your own problems without making them worse. I am thankful to Officer Greenberg for taking a lot of time to teach us. Thank you.

I learned how bad drugs are and when someone offers you some just to say no. I also learned about different kinds of pressure. To make it live Officer Greenberg let us do little skits in front of the class. We learned that you are as important as anyone else is.

I learned all eight ways to say no, saying "no thanks," giving a reason or an excuse, repeated refusal, or keep saying no, walking away, changing the subject avoiding the situation, cold shoulder, and strength in numbers.

I think it is very important to drug free because you can get lung cancer, lose your friends, have a bad breath, have yellow teeth and get tired fast. And thanks again to Officer Greenberg.

by Kristina

I think the D.A.R.E. program helped me because it told me how bad drugs are for me like smoking, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. By the way, D.A.R.E. means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It also told me how to have a good level of self- esteem. Though before the D.A.R.E. program I still didn't want to do drugs, this program told me why they are bad for you and what they do to you. The D.A.R.E. program taught me many ways to say "No". It showed me to stay away from any offers of drugs and to stay away from violence.

When the role models came to our class in January, I learned a lot about the different high schools you can go to when you finish 8th grade. I also learned that you don't get offered drugs that much as you think you might in high school.

I feel the D.A.R.E. program is a good influence on 5th graders of how to resist drugs. I think it is important to stay drug free because drugs can do things to your body. For instance, smoking can make your lungs black and can cause cancer.

My favorite part of D.A.R.E. is Daren the stuffed animal lion, because he reminds us of good things that happened during the week. Another reason it is important to stay drug free is because in a way you will feel better and you will have a better life. Today I will choose not to do drugs, to avoid violence, and to stay away from gangs for the rest of my life. I also would like to thank Detective Greenburg very much for all he has done to help me learn drugs are bad for you.

by Alex

First of all I think that the D.A.R.E program is one of the best programs that they hold in some schools. If I was to be a principal and there was a D.A.R.E. program in the area, I would definitely organize the D.A.R.E. program.

Now, after what I have learned in D.A.R.E., I think that violence and drugs solve absolutely nothing. Personally I would not do drugs ever. I think that it is important to be drug-free and to avoid violence because it's just plain dumb to do that kind of stuff.

I would like to make a promise to be and stay drug and violence free!

Drug Abuse Resistance Education
by Brittany

I think the D.A.R.E program was a great idea and very interesting. I also think it helped me understand life. The D.A.R.E program taught me other important things such as self-esteem which is confidence, pressure, consequences which are the results of something you do, risk which are chances, to resist drugs, violence, lots of alcohol, to respect our-self, and how to say "NO." The most important thing I learned was that drugs, violence, and alcohol can ruin your life, and the last thing I want to do is ruin my life.

My favorite class was when the teen role models came. I liked it because I learned a lot and I found it an interesting program.

I would like to thank Mr. Greenburg for every thing he taught us, and all the little gifts he gave us. I would also like to thank the role models for using their free time to talk to us.

by Eric

I like DARE because it tells us about the real world. It helps over come our obstacles. DARE tells us how to say no, and how to be drug free. I think that all elementary schools should have DARE so they could learn about DRUG ABUSE RESISTANCE EDUCATION. DARE is cool because you get to play games and other fun stuff. Officer Greenburgh let us play games and he was the bad guy, and we were the good guys.

by Joey

DARE means drug abuse resistance education. In DARE you do role playing while learning how to say NO to drugs. It is easy to say NO. I had an opportunity to get up in front of the class and role-play. I think that kids should stay away from drugs because they are very dangerous. If any of my friends do drugs and I find out they are doing them, they are not my friends anymore.

I think it is important to take DARE so if someone does ask you to take drugs you will know what to say. In DARE you learn definitions of different words like Drugs, Peer Pressure, Intimidate etc. I like the DARE program because it is a good influence for kids. And in DARE there is 8 ways to say no they are, saying "no thanks'', giving a reason or excuse, repeated refusal or keep saying no, walking away, changing the subject, avoiding the situation, cold shoulder, strength in numbers.

by Peter

I really enjoyed the D.A.R.E. program this year. I think that Mr. Greenberg is generous because he gives up his time to teach us about D.A.R.E. The D.A.R.E. program is taught to fifth or sixth graders around the United States. It is a program to teach kids to stay away from taking drugs and or smoking.

I learned that self-esteem is like attitude but it is not. It is the way you feel about yourself. Before D.A.R.E. I thought marijuana was a kind of harmful drink. This year I learned it is not, it is something you smoke. I also learned that eight ways to say no are: no thanks, giving a reason or excuse, repeated refusal or keep saying no, walking away, changing the subject, avoiding the situation, the cold shoulder, and strength in numbers.

I think it is important to be drug free and avoid violence because you will be a better person and you would make this world a better place by being drug free. You could be a great example for other kids. If you are not drug free you will be high and have low self-esteem.

DARE Essay
by Daneisha

I think D.A.R.E is a very educational program. It teaches young people to stay drug free and to have fun. It is extremly important. D.A.R.E is very fun and interesting. Mr. Greenburg makes it exciting. We have lots of fun while were learning about people who are invited to parties and are offered to bring a pack of beer and they feel as if they aren't cool. We have a D.A.R.E. box to share our question. Mr. Greenburg is a wonderful person and teacher.

Sometimes to understand the lesson ,we act out the lesson we are learning that week. It is enjoyable and it really works. To learn about the lesson, we write it in our workbook. We have learned about situations like, children in problems and how to get them out of it. We also learn about how to take care of situations that deal with friendship. Mr. Greenburg lets us hold a mascot, his name is Darren. In D.A.R.E. we learned eight ways to say no. They are, saying: "No Thanks", giving a reason or excuse, repeated refusal, say no constantly, walking away, changing the subject, avoiding cold shoulder and strength in numbers.

I think it is important to stay drug free because you can get lung cancer, you don't have many friends, and you get into big trouble. I hope you have a wonderful experience with D.A.R.E.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education
by Mariana

I think that the D.A.R.E. program is a very good way to show children how bad drugs are for your body and mind. I had a lot fun doing the activities in D.A.R.E. Everything that we did showed me more and more how tiny the percentage is of people who don't get affected by drugs.

My idea of drugs changed a lot when the role models came in to our classroom. I thought that the problem of drugs in high schools was much worse. The role models said that we 5th graders should not be afraid of getting into to situations that we can't handle about drugs. There was even a kid that was going into college and still hadn't been asked to do drugs. I felt very confident after he said that. The role models also told us the reason that they were not offered drugs; it was that they did not associate with people who do drugs. The best thing about the role models was that they all had a reason not to do drugs, it was either that they were into sports or that it was just a risk that they didn’t want to take.

I think that what they have taught this grade is very important and I hope that we all will remember and use what we have learned.

I chose to stay drug-free and to resist violence for all of high school, college the rest of my life. I am happy to be in a school that is trying to keep its students drug-free.

by Steven

I think the Dare program is a great program. I like Dare because it helps kids with drugs and their problems and peer pressure from other kids. Dare helps a lot of kids with their life.

My favorite part of Dare is getting to hold Daran, the Dare Lion. It is important to be drug free because you can lose friends and drugs can mess up your mind and the way you think. In Dare we have learned many different ways to say no to drugs.

In January, student role models came from three High Schools and talked to us about drugs. They told us about drugs at High School and how to say "NO" to drugs.

D.A.R.E. Essay
by Amanda

I enjoyed D.A.R.E because officer Greenburg made it fun. He taught us the eight ways to say no to drugs. We got to do plays to show the class it’s easy to say no to drugs. We also got to watch movies and commercials with funny music.

I learned you are talking a risk by using drugs. Drugs can make my brain burn out. It feels good to be drug free. If you are taking drugs you can’t get up and you are always lazy. Stress makes you grouchy. To avoid stress, do things when they should be done.

Its important to be drug free and avoid violence for many reasons. I feel that it is good because you can keep your body healthy and not sick. To avoid car accidents, getting into all sorts of trouble like going to jail or not doing well in school your friends will like you and you will feel relieved about refusing drugs.

DARE Essay
by Caitlin

I have had a great time in DARE this year. Last time I had it was in third grade. I have a feeling I will never use a drug in my life. I think the DARE program is a great way to show kids that drugs are bad. Kids that do drugs should stop. It's even good for kids in pre-K. I wish the DARE program could go on the whole year. I also feel sad for the people who don't have DARE and what they must go through. I loved the role-playing.

I have learned I can hurt my self-esteem and myself. I can hurt my lungs and if I was in the violent group, I could hurt my body with a knife or a weapon. Nobody would want to be my friend if I was on drugs. Nobody would want to be near me if I was in violence's group. So why would I do that? And if some person ask me to do drugs I would say one of the ways to say NO. Here they are,

Saying "No Thanks"
Giving a Reason or Excuse
Repeated Refusal, or Keep Saying No
Walking Away
Changing the Subject
Avoiding the Situation
Cold Shoulder
Strength in Numbers

I think it is important not to do drugs because of cancer and other things. Avoiding violence because you can get hurt or worse you can die.

Thank you so much for teaching me all this in the sixteen weeks. Hey I almost forgot J.E.T.S! Jets Jets Jets!!!

Drug Abuse Resistance Education
by Luisana

I liked D.A.R.E because it showed me the dangers of drugs and violence. The D.A.R.E. program helped other kids and me to understand why staying drug-free is important. The D.A.R.E. program shows kids different problems in life.

During the D.A.R.E. program we learned about drug dealers and how to avoid them. We learned eight different ways to say no to drugs. We learned about self-esteem and confidence that without it you couldn’t go anywhere. We also learned about peer pressure, family pressure, media pressure, and self-pressure. One of the nice things about D.A.R.E. is Darien. He always reminds us of good things not bad. I want to thank Mr. Greenburg for all of the gifts and for all the good times. Thank you!

DARE Essay
by Eva

Mr. Greenburg has taught us a lot. D.A.R.E stands for DRUG ABUSE RECISTANTS EDUCATION . We have lots of fun during D.A.R.E. as were learning. So we don’t go bored out of our minds we act out different lessons like walking away from bad situations. We can put question and funny comments in the D.A.R.E. BOX.

The D.A.R.E. program helps us understand how dangerous drugs, alcohol, and violence is. Some kids dare other to do drugs just for the fun of it. Some times kids do drugs because there pressured. Drugs, alcohol, and other stuff like that can kill you. All of this and lots more is what we have learned in Dare.

Officer Greenburg makes sure we learn all about how bad drugs, and other stuff are. He makes sure that we understand that if we take to much of medicine we could get sick or die At the beginning of D.A.R.E. the D.A.R.E. officer picks who gets to hold Darren he’s the mascot, a lion and he makes us remember good times and if someone offered us drugs we would remember him and not take the offer. I will never forget what Officer Greenburg has taught us.


D.A.R.E. Essay
by Veronica

D.A.R.E. was a very helpful program and I enjoyed it very much because Officer Greenberg made everything exciting and easy to follow. D.A.R.E. could help me for when I get older to turn away from drugs and alcohol. I will always remember the experience. I thought D.A.R.E. was a good opportunity for all of us to have, and we all liked it! Some of the activities we liked were the movies, plays, the D.A.R.E. box and Darren!

Many things that Officer Greenberg has told us about, has made me think even more on how staying drug-free and avoiding violence is a very smart choice. The 8 ways to say No was a useful list to help me stay away from drugs and get out of people forcing me to do things. We also learned about many of the consequences that happen after doing something. We learned how to keep our self-esteem at the right level and what makes it lower.

I feel that trying to be drug and violence free is important because it could keep me out of trouble. So I won't ever have to go to jail. Staying healthy to me is very important because I get very busy, and doing well in school is good for me and makes my parents… especially happy!


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