American Progress
Chromolithograph by George A. Crofutt
After 1872 painting of the same title by John Gast
Library of Congress

American Progress, the title of a painting by John Gast is one that can inspire much conversation in a classroom. Our fifth graders have discovered how an idea can spur a movement and have many positive and negative repercussions.  We have explored how one simple invention can change the economy of a region and then the dynamics of a culture. 

The topics explored on this project are some of the turning points in American history after the ideas of Manifest Destiny were born.  We began with this painting and went forward into our history to see the events affected by this idea.  Some of the projects are the results of these turning points much later in time. 

We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Ms. Garrido & Mrs. Lebenson
April 2007


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