Hitler said the mentally and physically ill were "unworthy of life. "

During World War II the Nazi's kidnapped children who had a German origin. 



The Holocaust

By Rachel

Jewish deportees from the Lodz ghetto arrive in Chelmno
after having been transferred from a closed passenger train
to a train of open cars at the Kolo station.
used with permission from:
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Holocaust was a time of devastation and corruption. It was a time of cruelty and it was terribly inhumane. The Holocaust and its supporters tried vainly to make the world perfect, but only succeeded in killing millions. Unbelievably, some people think the Holocaust never happened, but it did.

The Naziís and Adolph Hitler spoke against Jews even before the start of World War II, they blamed them for everything; from the defeat of World War I, for the Depression and for the fall of the Czar of Russia. People were looking for someone to blame and coincidently Adolf Hitler was there to urge them on, this hatred grew into what was called the Holocaust. Many Jews were high-ranking, and no doubt the citizens were jealous, so that gave them even more reason to dislike them, eventually Jews were considered dirt.

After the beginning of World War II in 1933 the Jews were taken away from their homes and sent to ghettoes and concentration camps. Some Jews tried to fight for their rights. The most famous revolt was the Warsaw Revolt in Warsaw, Poland which lasted 28 days. After the Jews were sent to the camps some of them were taken to gas chambers and were killed with deadly gas. After the war the camps were turned into memorials and museums.

Many other people were killed in Germany during World War II. Not only were the Jewish people killed, but Hitler and his group of supporters werenít happy with that. They wiped out the mentally ill and the physically handicapped. Hitler remarked them "un worthy of life." The Naziís even kidnapped children with a German origin to Germany. Catholic priests and nuns were also Nazi targets.

As a result of the Holocaust, the Nazi party leaders were convicted at the Neuberger Trials, and confirmed guilty of crimes against peace and humanity. Even though justice was served in some cases, they never really got what they deserved.

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