Rosa Parks started the Montgomery bus Boycott

Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat to a white man

Rosa Parks helped people learn that they have the courage of freedom



Rosa Parks

by Joey

Rosa Parks being finger printed
Library of Congress

     Rosa Parks was a daring woman who helped start the Civil Rights Movement. She did this by trying to help stop segregation, help people with unfair laws, and by starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

     Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Pine Level, Alabama. She died in 2005. When she was younger and went to school, schools were separated into schools for black people and schools for white people. All of the white children got to go to a bigger school. They got to go to a school were they had a lot of rooms. However, the black children only went to a school with one extremely small room. It was CROWDED! Many black children had to deal with unfair conditions in school until the Civil Rights Movement began.

     Another thing Rosa Parks did to help start the Civil Rights Movement was by helping people with unfair laws. Segregation was an unfair law.  Segregation is when black people and white people could not do or share the same things.  For example, they could not use the same bathrooms, water fountains, or restraints.  On buses black people had to get up out of their seat if a white person wanted it.  One day Rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white person.

     The Montgomery Bus Boycott all started one sunny afternoon. Rosa was tired after a long day of work. Once she got on the bus, she gave her money to the bus driver, then went to a free seat to rest her aching feet. The bus was extremely crowded. At the next stop, a white person came on the bus. He wanted to sit down. Since Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to the white man, the bus driver asked her to get off the bus. She refused to. The driver said he would tell the police and she will be arrested if she did not give up her seat.  Rosa parks said, “You may do that.”  Moments later, a policeman was on the bus. “Why didn’t you give up your seat?” he said. Rosa said, “Why do you always bully us black people around?” Seconds later, she was in court. She was fined $14.00, but never paid because she thought it was unfair that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus.

     During the Montgomery Bus Boycott, many people got involved.  A young reverend named Martin Luther King Junior got involved and spread the word to all blacks to refuse to ride buses, so they did.  So as you can see, Rosa Parks didn’t just stop segregation and help start Civil Rights Movement, but gave people today the feeling to be equal.

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