266 people died when the USS Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor.

The only lasted 10 weeks and the Americans won.




Spanish-American War

by Christopher R.

U.S.S. Maine
Library of Congress

The Spanish-American War was a war in American history. It was fought between the United States and Spain. This conflict was very bloody and deadly; many people lost their lives.

February 15, 1898 the last spark before America joined the war, was just set off. The conflicts started when the U.S.S. Maine exploded in Havana Harbor and 266 people got killed. Another cause for the war was on February 19, when the United States declines Spanish request for the sinking of the Maine. These 2 causes led to the Spanish-American War.

The conflicts in the war were very dangerous and fatal. For instance, on November 30, the Battle of Iguara started this was the first American victory. Another American victory was at San Juan Hill on July 1 and many other battles unfolded the same way. The combat between the Spanish and Americans only lasted 10 weeks and the war was over. Cuban forces led armies of 540 men combined with American forces which consisted of 16,000 men.

The results of the war were in favor of the Americans and the Cubans. The Cubans won the right to be an independent country away from Spain. The U.S. was now free to own the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. On the other hand, thousands of men from both the Americans and Spanish sides lost their lives during the war. On June 13, a Spanish general was killed. Spain was mourning their losses.

As you can see although the Spanish-American war only lasted 10 weeks, thousands of men died and thousands of men put their lives on the line to help their country win. You can also see how the results of the war affected the ways of living of everyone involved in the war.

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