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The 1980 saw turmoil, conflict, greed, great poverty and great prosperity. The century began with Americans held hostage in Iran. Aids, terrorists, crack, and homelessness were headlines. The personal computer made news as did Cabbage Patch Dolls, compact discs, VCRs, and Nintendo. We had Farm Aid and Live Aid. Wall Street brought us insider trading and junk bonds. Ronald Reagan was president for much of the decade. There were assassination attempts, Chernobyl, Mount Saint Helens, and the Exxon-Valdez. John Lennon was murdered. The eighties saw the birth of MTV, CNN, and TNT. The U.S. Hockey Team took home the gold in one Olympics, the U.S. and Russia boycotted other Olympics. Women in space and on the Supreme Court brought great pride but still no Equal Rights Amendment. The 1980s were a time of great change across Europe, Russia and China.

Editors note: The 8th grade graduating class of 2006 at Pocantico Hills School has researched the 1980s and pointed you to some highlights from this amazing decade. We did this work as part of a six week computer course. The purpose of the work was to learn how to use search engines effectively and learn how to evaluate the information we found on the internet-not an easy task. After the students finished these web pages they used Power Point to create presentations to teach their classmates about the year they studied. We are not experts and we know that we only covered some of the important topics. If you feel we left out something "very important" please let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy your visit!


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