An Explorer’s Ship
by Claire & Rachel

Christopher Columbus’ ships had 2 floors, one for sleeping quarters, and one for storing goods, water and wine. The ships had three major sails, the mainsail, the foresail, and the halyard. The halyard was in a triangular shape. The mainsail and the foresail were shaped like a square. There was also a small top mainmast above the crow’s nest. A pretty small sail called the bowspirit hung in the front of the boat.

On the ship you mostly ate stews and soups which were done by the ship's boy on a fogon. The food was eaten on your lap and there were no tables.

On the bottom level of the ship the things that were stored were water and wine, some food and sometimes there were goods stored in boxes.

The crows nest was a place where the sailors could lookout across the sea for any enemy ships or peril.

The sailors were very religious; they had prayers in the morning and at night. Often sailors died or got sick from diseases or starvation.

Life on the ship would be hard, but many people enjoyed the feeling of it. And, without all of the brave people that went sailing across the sea, life might not be the same today for all of us.

Drawing of a ship

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