Giovanni da Verrazano

Voyages: 1524-1527
Carolina, and New York Harbor

Giovanni da Verrazano explored because the King of France wanted to claim new land. Verrazano also wanted to find a northwestern sea passage to China and to capture Spanish ships.

Interesting facts & Details:

Verrazano was sent on the first voyages by the King of France to find a western route to China. He had 4 ships, 2 of them were shipwrecked, but luckily 1 survived and it was sent back carrying prizes such as gold, silver, and spices. He sailed south until he reached Carolina. Verrazano was the first European to enter New York Harbor.

By Himani, Philip and Daniel

Verrazano sailed for France

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Giovanni da Verrazano  
Giovanni da Verrazano
Letter from Verrazano to the King of France
Giovanni da Verrazano

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