Great Lakes Plain
by Gabrielle & Nicole S.

The Great Lakes Plain is located at the northwestern part of the state. It runs from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. New York State's largest urban areas are located at the Great Lakes Plain. Those cities are Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. Buffalo is located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie. Rochester is located south of Lake Ontario. On the Southern border is Syracuse, located near a salt spring.

This region has oodles of resources. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are breathtaking. Farmers from the Midwest shipped their goods on the Great Lakes and through Buffalo to the Erie Canal in the 1800s. Niagara Falls provides electricity at a low price. A lot of industries are located in this region because of its transportation system. This region produces apples, cherries, grapes, and peaches.

There is plenty of opportunity for fun here. The growing season is short and the plains receive heavy snows in the winter. In the winter there are many mountains to ski on. In the summer fishing, boating, and swimming are great possibilities.

There are plenty of state parks to keep you and your family busy! Niagara Falls is a great stop for the whole family. You can even take a helicopter ride for spectacular view of both the Canadian and American Falls. Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are also good stops for a family vacation.

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