Rockin' Regions of New York

Hey Kids! Welcome to the 7 Rockin' Regions of New York. The New England Upland, the St. Lawrence - Champlain Lowland, the Hudson-Mohawk Lowland, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Appalachian Upland, Adirondack Upland, and the Great Lakes Plain all make up our home, the great state of New York. To help us learn about New York's geography we made our own relief maps out of dough made from a mixture of flour, salt, and water. We studies about each region and learned about their resources, transportation and more. We'd like to share what we learned with you. We hope you enjoy your visit.

By Nora
Mr. Brown's Fourth Grade
2004 - 2005

Mr. Brown's Class  |  Pocantico Hills School

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