Writing poetry is fun to do,
Choosing fonts is exciting too!


Vampires all dressed in black.
When they turn around,
You see their back.
When they smile,
You can see…
Their bloody fangs waiting for me!
Then I know I'm going to be
His very next dinner-treat.
He brings me to his house to feast
Upon my blood?
That horrible beast!
By Alex 

Halloween Colors

Orange for the pumpkin,
That sits upon my step.
The jack-o-lantern has triangle eyes,
And it gives people a Halloween surprise.
Brown for apple cider
That is poured into my cup
I put it close to my mouth,
And then I drink it up.
Black for the sky on Halloween night.
There's darkness all around me,
And I have a fright.
Not a star in the sky
And tonight the moon is being shy.
Red for the blood that vampires drink.
When you come near,
He gives you a hungry wink,
And a terrible scare.
Green for the brew that witches make,
In the pot it looks like a big green lake.
Frogs legs, pig tongues,
And more gross things.
And her number one favorite,
Dragonfly wings.
By Claire 

On Halloween Night

Walking around
On Halloween night
Ghosts and goblins will give you a fright.
After trick-or-treating

When they go home,
They dump their bags of candy
The dog eats some
Thinking it's his bone

Scattered on the floor
When their parents say "OK"
They eat up all the candy
For what seems to be all day!
By Megan


Halloween is finally here
Children are trick-or-treating
Ghosts and Goblins everywhere
Little kids, candy eating.

Pumpkins light up in a row
Guide you down the sidewalk,
To a bell that you will ring
And candy will be given

Trick-or-treating at the door
Wanting candy and so much more

Walking down the sidewalk
On a spooky night
We see a house glowing bright.

Knocking on the door
We say "Trick-or-Treat"
They give us good candy
And we continue down the street.
By Lisa 

Leaves Changing

Red, yellow, orange, brown
The leaves rest and die
The wind blows them into the ground
The winter wind flies by.
By Joey

Halloween Fright

Halloween is so much fun,
Kids running to doors saying
"Trick-or-Treat" to everyone.

Mom and Dad are giving
Candy at their house,
as I crept to scare Cassandra,
I'm as quiet as a mouse.

Halloween night
is finally here,
all the children
are full of fear.

Ghost and goblins
are ready to scare,
stay out late if you dare!
By Chris


Every year on Halloween night
The baby skeletons come out to fright
The Yankees will have a successful day
I will scare my brother away!

I like to go from door to door
Ringing the bells and asking for more.
Candy is so much fun to eat
It makes a good Halloween treat.

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls,
Playing with them is only for fools.
Halloween night is coming to an end,
I hope you had fun with your friend.
By Nick 


Bats hanging upside down,
From a tree just looking down.
Black silky wings and red beady eyes.

Swoops low when flying
With out a sound,
Flying around the whole town,
Rats scampering along the ground.

If you see a bat tonight,
Go inside with all your might.
This will help avoid a fright.
By Kevin

Halloween Candy

Candy is my favorite treat
lots of kinds for you to eat!

M&M's, Hershey Kiss,
Snicker Bars and licorice.

Candy corn for Halloween
Chewy pumpkins
filled with cream.

Getting candy on Halloween
Can't eat too much
Or my mom will scream.

Halloween is lots of fun
Scary costumes
for everyone.
Ghosts and goblins
and witches too
I like candy, do you?
By Alexandra

On Halloween Night

On Halloween night all we can see,
Are witches hats, scary bats
And black cats.

Trick-or-treaters at the door
Wanting candy and so much more.

Orange pumpkins all aglow
Looking friendly in a row.
As I walk passed them I stop to think
Did one of them just give me a wink?

Halloween night is almost over.
When the lights go out, don't come over!
By Casey


Summer is gone and autumn is here
Leaves start falling, and big piles appear

Pumpkins being carved, Halloween is near.
Ghosts, goblins, vampires and witches
Sometimes give me a bit of a fear.

Red, orange, yellow and green,
It makes such a beautiful scene.
By Cara

Midnight on Halloween

Blood-thirsty vampires
will give you a bite,
And the Headless Horseman
Remains without a head.
A bat soars through the night,
While this is going on,
you are full of fright in your Bed!
A jack-o-lantern will give you a fright
as a witch glides past,
your window at night!

Sometimes I think
I've seen a ghost,
once in bed, I thought I saw
A witches head!
The clock strikes twelve,
and now you know
what creatures can be seen,
but only on Halloween!
By Marcelo


is so much fun
Candy to eat,
cavities will come.

Ghouls, Goblins,
and Vampires too
this Halloween,
I'm going to get you!

If you see them
coming toward you,
run for your life
before the night is through
you don't want to know
what will happen to you!

Halloween night
is almost done,
Happy Halloween,
this one was fun!
By Enrico 


This Halloween I am a ghost
I have so much candy,
I am going to burst.

I saw a spooky house
Then I screamed like a mouse
I saw a spooky black night-light
And I saw a jack-o-lantern
That is so bright

I saw a witch on a broom
At the end of the night
She flew in my room.
By Oscar


October is very fun
Because we have a lot of things
That make me run.

The leaves change colors
Red, yellow, orange, and brown
And every year they all come down.

We celebrate Columbus Day,
Around the time the sky is gray.

In October we go apple picking
And on Halloween
We go trick-or-treating.
By Natalia


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created 10/03 by Terry Hongell