"Turn Him Loose, Bill" by Frederic Remington

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A Life In The West
By Luis

Today, the meanest cowboy in the whole entire West has just come out of jail. It is Bad Bart. After getting free, he went to his secret hiding place at the old bar, where he got some supplies to rob the biggest bank in town. Bad Bart rode off for the bank on his white horse, Jeff.

When Bad Bart got there, he shot the door open and took all the money. The sheriff heard about this and sent some or his best men--John, jack, Alex and Tyler. All four of them headed for the bank and they got there just in time to get bad Bart.

Bad Bart saw them and rode away as fast as he could but they surrounded him and he was captured once again. Now the town was saved from the bad Bart.


The Man and the Horse
By Matt

It all started in the Arizona desert. A tall man named Henry Parker wanted to ride a horse but the horse was mean. At first, he didn't know what to do. But then he thought he could tame the horse and that's what he did.

After he tamed the lovely horse, he started to ride it. He rally loved it! He said, "Since I love this horse, I should name it. So he thought about it and he chose the name Black Beauty.

He rode Black Beauty so many times, but he never got tired of it. The horse and Henry always had a lot of fun and they both knew they would never leave each other.


 The Race
By De Quan

Once there were four men on horses who were having a race. They started the race and the first rider took the lead. They were racing for about two hours when the last horse started going ahead and became the leader.

He won the race and got a hundred dollars and a pretty house. His wife loved it and so did his children. He got a job with the FBI and his wife stated to work in an office. He got his boys in a good school. Their teacher was Ms. Sbarra and they liked her a lot. The family got a new car after the boys came home from school and the happy family lived a good life in their new home.


The Stolen Friends
by Michael

Once in Cheyenne, Wyoming, some Indians captured a group of settlers. They beat them, gave them no food, dragged them around on horses and whipped them with sticks. It was pretty depressing for their friends when they heard this because they didn’t know where to find them. The Indians knew there would be trouble if the cowboys found them, so they ran quickly to find a hiding place.

Tyler, one of the friends said, "Keep searching and we’ll find them somewhere."

Then Alex said, "Captain, I think the Indians are over here."

Tyler replied, "Get ready to fight!"

Jasmine said, "I give up."

The battle started and Tyler called to his friend, "Don’t give up. I’ve got a surprise for you." He shot his gun and the Indians were afraid. They were so scared that they gave back Luis and Kenny. The cowboy friends were saved.


Alex and David’s DC Ride
by David

There were two cowboys named Alex and David who were going on a DC ride. In Arizona, this ride is held every year. It lasts for one week and it is meant for fun. This year, over 3,000 men went on this ride.

Alex got on his horse, Thunder, and David tried to get on Lightning, but the horse reared up. He decided to change to a more quiet horse named Oreo. Alex and David were riding along when they saw a rattle snake on the side of the trail. It tried to bite Oreo, but Alex took out his rifle and shot it.

Five days passed and they felt really tired. Then they ended up the ride at a ranch and returned to their homes. They enjoyed the ride very much, though they were dirty and sore when it ended!