The Milliner
by Glen, Matthew, Phasen & Samantha

Colonists who needed new clothes sold to people such as tradespeople who could afford new garments. People would also ask a milliner to remake their old clothing into new clothes. A milliner was important in the clothing and fashion trades. 

Customers would visit a millinery shop to look at and buy clothes like undergarments, shirts, children's clothing, caps, aprons, hats, gloves, and stockings. Milliner's also sold sewing items such as fabric, buttons, and lace trim. Gifts and items for babies were also available. Silk, wood, linen, and cotton were for sale. This cloth came from England.

Milliners' tools included needles, thimbles, scissors, and irons. Most milliners were women. Girls 11-18 years of age learned cutting, fitting, sewing, ironing, mending, and how to do laundry as apprentices. The milliners taught the young girls how to read, write and do math as well.

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