by Chris F.

Kentucky is an exciting and beautiful state. This state is located in the eastern part of the South Central Region of the United States. On the south Kentucky borders Tennessee. The northern border is made up of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Missouri borders Kentucky on its' western side and Virginia, and Western Virginia are Kentucky's neighbor to the east.

There are a lot of things to learn about Kentucky. The climate of Kentucky is moderate with a winter temperature of 35F, yearly average of 55F. Precipitation averages 44 inches a year. Kentucky has warm to hot summers with a total of four seasons. The rank of Kentucky is 37th in size. Kentucky is 40,395 square miles. It is 425 miles from east to west, and 182 miles long from north to south. It is 40 miles wide at it's narrowest point. The population of Kentucky is 3,660,275 people. Kentucky's capitol is Frankfort and some cities are, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, Covington, Bowling Green, and Paducah.

Kentucky has many interesting state symbols. The cardinal is Kentucky's bird. Kentucky's flower is the goldenrod and the tree is the coffeetree. Also the animal is the gray squirrel and the spotted bass is the state fish. ''My Old Kentucky Home" is the song and the motto is '' United We Stand Divided We Fall". The highest point of Kentucky is 4,145ft, and the lowest is 275ft. The Blue Grass Region is Kentucky's nickname. The #1 coal mining state is Kentucky.

Kentucky has many different landforms. These are some of them. There are many hillsides and valleys in the Appalachian Mountains and numerous streams. Kentucky also has forests and grasslands. There are round hills and hillsides and also there are Indian Villages. Farms and the wilderness are in Kentucky. There is a western coalfield and an eastern coalfield. The grass in Kentucky is very special. In fact you can buy Kentucky Bluegrass seed and try to plant it in your garden.

The history of Kentucky has many interesting facts. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, was born in Kentucky. Kentucky was home to Jessie Stuart a teacher and principal. Professional baseball player Pee Wee Reese was born in Kentucky. Kentucky became a state in 1792. Mohammed Ali, one of the greatest boxers in the world, was born here. Colonel Sanders, creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken, also came from Kentucky. Loretta Lynn, a famous country singer, was born here.

Recreation in Kentucky is an important part of the lives of people who live in Kentucky. Here are some places you could visit. You could visit Daniel Boone's National Forest, Fort Knox, and Mammoth Cave. The Cumberland Falls are beautiful to see. The Louisville Slugger Museum is an interesting place to visit and you can see the famous baseball players. Kentucky Horsefarms are all over the state. They raise those famous horses that race in the Kentucky Derby. A very famous person was born in the state of Kentucky even though we always think of him as part of Illinois. His name was Abraham Lincoln. You can always hike the Appalachian trail for good exercise.

Kentucky has many natural resources. Rivers and Lakes are resources that are above ground. Trees are also above ground. Petroleum, Coal, and Limestone are also mined from below the ground. They are all protected by parks.

Kentucky grows or raises a lot of different things. Kentucky grows fruits such as peaches and apples. Kentucky grows rye and barley that is made into whiskey. The animals Kentucky raises are horses, chickens, beef cattle and milk cows. Kentucky grows tobacco in tobacco fields. Corn is grown in all different parts of Kentucky. Wheat and rye are also grown in Kentucky. The flowers that are grown in Kentucky are, Magnolia, rhododendron, mistletoe, mockernut flowers, and hickory tree. You may have purchased some of the flowers at your neighborhood garden center for your yard.

Kentucky has many interesting facts. I have learned a number of things about Kentucky. I didn't know that any of those people were born in Kentucky. I didn't know anything about Kentucky, but now that I have done this report I know a lot of things. Maybe someday I will visit this wonderful state.