Schools in Vietnam
Did you know...

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1. Children in Vietnam go to school six days a week- Monday through Saturday.

Monday Tuesday



Friday Saturday


2. The school day is about four hours long.

3. The school year runs from September through May.

4. Children are expected to take school very seriously and to work hard.

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5. All children learn how to read and write. They study literature, math, science and geography.  They are also taught traditional manners and customs including social skills and respect for their elders, family and community.

6. Most school days begin with a test. The teacher calls on students to stand and answer a question.

7. Students sit together and chant during lessons.

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8. Saturday is a review day. Students stand and tell the teacher what they have learned during the week.

9. Students do not get grades on a report card. Instead, they are ranked first,  second, third and so on.

Class Rank

1. Hoa
2. Chi Hai

10. Many students must wear uniforms to school. 

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11. Many schools are overcrowded because there are so many children in Vietnam.

12. Most schools have no playground equipment or extra activities.

13. Students are encouraged to stay physically fit. They exercise by practicing gymnastics for ten minutes during recess every day.

14. Students take turns cleaning their school. Vietnam.bmp (6890 bytes)They are divided into clean-up groups. On their Vietnam.bmp (5352 bytes)assigned day, they come to school early to sweep rooms, clean chalkboards and empty the trash.

15. Some children, especially in rural areas, do not go to school because they must work to help their families afford basic needs.



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