Clara Barton

Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821. It was Christmas day. She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her parents were Stephen and Sarah Barton. She had red hair and brown eyes. She had 4 brothers and sisters. Her religion was Catholic. Clara's nationality was American. She had 2 horses and 1 dog. Her older siblings taught her lots of things like math, reading, and horseback riding. Then she went to boarding school ate the age of 8. She attended Colonel Richard School. She missed home so much that her dad went to get her! She became a teacher at 17 years old. She even started her own school in North Oxford. Clara was successful at many things in her life. She was always trying to learn more. She never got married.

Clara Barton went to a school called, "The Liberal Institution." She successfully became a teacher. She also studied to become a battlefield nurse during the Civil War. She gave lectures and, most importantly, she set up the Red Cross. She received many medals for her work. She became the first woman in the United States to become a copyist in the Patent Office in Washington, DC.

Clara was called the Angle of Battlefield. People said she was, "Everybody’s old maid, fussing over the men she called ‘my boys’." She also wrote books. One of them was called Story of my Childhood. Clara Barton changed the ideas about nursing. Clara Barton died in April in 1912. We all believe that Clara Barton was an extraordinary woman. Her bravery and willingness to help others makes her a famous women in history.

by Sean, Kim and Corinne, fourth grade, 1999