Heather Nabozny

Heather Nabozny is the head groundskeeper for the Detroit Tigers. She is the first woman to ever be the head grounds keeper in Major League Baseball. Heather grew up in Brighton, Michigan. Her father runs a lawn care business. She fell in love with grass when she was young. Heather even mowed the family's lawn with the tractor when she was just ten years old. Heather graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in turf management. Groundskeepers work their way up through the minors to the majors just the baseball players. Heather worked at the Toronto Blue Jays spring training complex in Dunehin, Florida, then she spent five years as head groundskeeper for the West Michigan Whitecaps in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She went to work for the Detroit Tigers on March 1, 1999. Heather is known for making a smooth infield and using very interesting mowing patterns. She even meets with the Tiger players to learn how they like to have their field.

Heather even has her own fan club, The Turf Head call her their Turf Goddess! Heather used to go to Tiger stadium when she was young. She never dreamed that one day she would be taking care of the field for the Detroit Tigers. Today when she goes to a game she doesn't watch the game, she watches how the ball bounces and how the cleats move in the dirt!

Images courtesy of Detroit Tigers

By Alex & Omari, third grade, 2002