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  1. Monday 3/4- Scenes 5 (Lionesses to Practice) AND Scene 6- Elephant Graveyard- Young Simba, Young Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Zazu & ALL Hyenas

    Tuesday 3/5- Scenes 5 & 7- Just Can't Wait to Be King and They Live in You- Ensemble 1 & 2, Mufasa, Young Simba, Zazu, Rafiki

    Wednesday 3/6- Scene 8- The Gorge- Ensemble 1 (Wildebeests), All Hyenas, Mufasa, Lionesses - Stampede and The Mourning

    Thursday 3/7- Scene 9- Hakuna Matata- TImon, Pumba, Young SImba, Old Simba, Ensemble

    Friday 3/8- Review Scenes 1-9

    *If we are cancelled on Monday we will complete those scenes on Friday and review what we can.
  2.  Lion King.pdf Is our tentative rehearsal calendar

Additional Practice Tracks are in the OneDrive 



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