• MASK UPDATE - February 27, 2022

    Beginning Wednesday, March 2nd, wearing masks will be based on your family's choice.  If you choose your child to wear a mask, your child will be fully supported!  If you choose not to have your child wear a mask, your child will be fully supported!  All choices will be respected and honored.

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Important COVID Announcements

School Reopening Plan - September 2021

Q & A – COVID-19 Related Safety & Security

  • Q. I believe it’s only UVC that is shown to kill micro-organisms.  Please check which units are sold to you.

    A. Great point! We believe that we are good in this regard, but we have not completed this purchase yet, and will double-check to ensure that we purchase the correct equipment. Thanks for the FYI.

    Q. What about water testing to ensure there is no legionnaires or mold in the water? 

    A. Our water is tested weekly by Mount Pleasant. Additionally, we undergo bi-yearly lead testing.

    Q. What about the faucets; they have not been used regularly since March?

    A. All faucets, toilets, and drinking fountains are run nightly as part of the cleaning process. Classroom sinks have been run on a weekly basis.


    Have any questions or concerns? Please email Superintendent Calkins at  rcalkins@pocanticohills.org