Technology Vision Statement

  • Technology should be a tool that supports the growth of reasoning skills and critical thinking, while also promoting creativity, communication, and collaboration. At Pocantico Hills, we strive to foster a culture of innovation where technology is infused into and enriches an inquiry-based learning environment. We believe that all students should have equitable access to resources and be digitally responsible, accountable, and ethical in their decision-making. As the world becomes ever more interconnected, technology also enables us to unlock opportunities to expand our students’ awareness of global issues and the vast diversity of cultures and human experiences, and in turn inspire a sense of compassion, empathy, and a call to connect and influence the future.

LHRIC's Outstanding Innovative Leader Award

Technology Staff

  • Alana Winnick
    Educational Technology Director
    Data Protection Officer
    914-631-2440 x750


    LHRIC Team:

    • Robert Berninger - MIT Lead
    • Dan Collins - Network Specialist
    • Danny Williams - Network Specialist


Audio Enhancement

LHRIC's Outstanding Innovative Teacher Award

Technical Support

  • Families:

    • Inform your child's classroom teacher, and they will place an incident on the child's behalf.


    • Call the service desk at 914-922-3002
      • Someone from our remote team will document, solve, redirect, or escalate your issue. 
    • Fill out an incident in our service desk