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A Message from Superintendent Richard Calkins: Congratulations to our new Principal Adam Brown

Dear Pocantico Community,

Over the last month, I have had the privilege of speaking to many staff and community members regarding what makes an ideal principal. It was overwhelmingly agreed that we were looking for someone with a background in elementary/middle school education, who values relationships and who loves our great district. The Board of Education shared these same values and recognized the need to place the right person in this position as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is my privilege to announce the appointment of Adam Brown as our new Principal and Curriculum Leader. The Board of Education Trustees met with Adam on July 29 and agreed that he shares our values and vision. They feel strongly that he has all the necessary qualities to help guide our district, both now and in the future. On Wednesday night, the BOE appointed him as our PK-8 Principal and Curriculum Leader. This is a 12-month position.

When I met with Adam regarding this position, one thing stood out - his love for the Pocantico Hills community and respect for our teachers, staff and students. He said that our district is where he wants to be, that our students are amazing and that we have a highly talented and committed staff. He made it clear that he was willing to help in any capacity and believes that he can positively impact our district as the building principal.

Adam has been a key and valued member of our Pocantico family since 2004. Whenever needed, he has never hesitated to step forward and help. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position and is a proven educational leader who has a genuine love for Pocantico. His selfless commitment to our students, staff and community are a testament to his integrity and character.

This appointment is exciting because not only do we have a great new principal, but our administrative team is now complete and ready to support our students, teachers and staff when they arrive back to school. With Adam assuming his new role as principal and curriculum leader, we have streamlined our overall administrative footprint by eliminating the administrative position of director of curriculum and technology, as we believe that this will allow us to align the resources in a manner that most directly benefits our students.

That said, we recognize the need for targeted support in several key areas, including instructional and administrative technology and the CIO position, all responsibilities formerly held by Adam. To date, we have hired a math specialist and enlisted the support of other subject specific instructional consultants. As our plans continue to evolve, we look forward to sharing them with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, if you would like to discuss these exciting changes or any aspect of this remarkable place that we fondly refer to as POCO.

Please join me in thanking Adam Brown for stepping forward to lead our district as our new principal. His start date was yesterday! On behalf of our Trustees, I thank you for your continued support and hope that you are enjoying a restful summer with family and friends.


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Core Values: Kindness, Respect and Perseverance

As part of our successful transition back to school, our 8th grade students were charged with creating a school-wide character pledge that reflects our core values—kindness, respect and perseverance.  Their successful work was chronicled throughout the week and captured on video Pocantico Character.  Our Pocantico Character Pledge is recited each morning following the Pledge of Allegiance as a school community.  Again, a special thank you to the class of 2019 and Mr. Murray, Mrs. Carruth and Mrs. Hongell, who facilitated this important work with our students.

 As a student of character at Pocantico Hills …

I pledge to not give up when obstacles are in the way.  I will persevere.

I will listen to others and use careful words.  I will be respectful. 

I will smile and greet people in the hallways.  I will be kind.